Friday, May 8, 2009

One Katherine TOO Many

An Abundance of Katherines

by John Green

One a guy name Colin gets dumped for the 19th time by a girl named Katherine, his friend decides to take him on a road trip for the summer. As Colin worries about never moving on from being a child prodigy to a adult genius; he runs into a job in Tenessessse ( please don't laugh if that is not the right way to spell it ) with his friend. In the end he lands a girl and a formula that can predict relationship probability.

This book was written well and had a quirkiness to it that kept it intrestging. The bad thing about it was that sometimes you got lost because John Green was trying to make Colin sound like super duper smart that it over powered the stroy. The plot was intresting and the characters seemed realistic and intresting. Now, I am not saying that mostof people act like the characters in the book but alot do.

When Books Influence People todo Stupid Things

A Novel Idea

by Aimee Friedman

A girl starts a book club. She ends up crushing on one of the boys and finds herself following the same idea as in one of her mushy gushy love stories. Does it make her look ridulous or Does she land the guy???

Personally i didn't really like the book. It was written sorta of poorly and the teenage girl didn't really seem realistic. You could tell that the girl was fake... I mean even though it was a fictional book, the characters need to be realistic. The plot sometimes was unclear and sometimes you couldn't really understand it.

Being Gay...Doesn't Mean You Have to Hide It

Boy Meets Boy

by David Levithan

When one boy sees that all his dreams come true in a week. He is estactic because all his dreams are in boy named Noah. As his love life is doing great, he slips up and wonders if he still has feelings for his ex- boyfriend. When he does everything to get his boyfriend, Noah, back....Was it enough, Did Noah take him back?

This book was good. I think that it is one of David Levithan's best work, when he has written by himself. The book sempt sincere and pretty much accurate for a gay teenage boy, or from the ones that I have met. I think that his insite on being gay really helped out the plot of the story. The only wrong thing with the book, was that the characters all seemed to courageous for high schoolers.

The Search...

Looking for Alaska

by John Green

As one boy starts boarding school, he falls in love with a girl that is satifably taken. He meets friends and even gets stuck in some trouble. As the prank war starts..hell begins. Now, as he gets closer to Alaska....does he become phsycoly jealous or does he keep his cool? Once his friend dies does take it bad or good? When him and his friend seek answer that they think need to be sought out....will it drive him insane.

I think this book was written well. The story had a good plot and was really seen through the eyes of the narator. The book is so good that you actually feel like you are in the book, like one of the characters.... you feel the emotions of the characters and you probally, depending on your imagination skills can see the story flash before your eyes as if it were a movie. The story is very realistic, it really sounded like a teenagers life.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Blood is overall as Zoey fights for her and her friends life. As boys come into the picture, does it affect Zoey's better judgement. She fights for everything and finds out that everything can be okay but at what cost. Will she die or survive.

This book was action packed and I literally love this book. It never lost sight of the plot. There is always parts in the book that it gets a little boring. It was intesting.

*I highly recommend this book.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Zoey.........Lose Control???

by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Well when everything goes wrong at least Zoey Redbird has her friends and Aphrodite, ofcourse. Zoey is always the catch at the school for drama. What will happen when Eric comes back to House of Night School and when a new boy changes Zoey's mind and action on things.

This book was really good. It didn't have so much action that you got lost in it and it wasn't borin. You could clearly understand the main parts in the book and I thought it was fabulous. The only part I really didn't like was at the end it should have gone on but the authors left us to wait for the next book to know it Zoey survives.

*I highlly recommend this book.

Sometimes Being Special Comes at a Price

by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Zoey Redbird finds serious dirt on a certain vampyre that has a high status on vampyres and fledgings. Does this information danger her and her friends lives or does it just make things more intresting. She also finds information that could make life a whole lot more complicated. As all this is going on, will she lose friendships that mean the most to her.

This book was good but it restates information from the previous book that we really didn't need to know because it we like the series then we would have read the other books. The book was well written and was very intreating to read. The worst part of the book was when the authors lost sight of the plot of the story and it made the book really hard to understand.